Acidic and Low pH Water Treatment in Middlesex, NJ

Stabilize the condition of your supply when you work with Aquatronics Water Conditioning. At our company, we provide an acidic and low pH water treatment in Middlesex, NJ, and surrounding areas. Turn to us today to learn about our pH neutralizer and other water treatment services for your location.

What is Acidity? (Low PH)

This common well water condition is due to carbon dioxide being dissolved in the water. This then becomes carbonic acid, a weak acid. When this aggressive water courses through copper piping, the piping starts to dissolve, leaving blue and green staining in fixtures and eventually causing pinhole leaks in the copper piping. If you have older piping in your house, you may be leaching and dissolving lead back into the drinking water. The corrosive water will also shorten the life of appliances and fixtures.

The Remedy

A proper acidic and low pH water treatment is an automatic acid neutralizing system or a chemical feed system. The neutralizing system uses pulverized limestone from which the raw, aggressive water will contact, thereby dissolving some of the limestone and boosting the PH. Target PH should be between 7.0 and 7.5. Be aware of conditions that suggest taking these corrective actions:

  • Increased Lead Levels in the Drinking Water
  • Corrosion of Fixtures, Piping & Appliances
  • Blue/Green Staining
  • Rust Stains on Iron Pipes
  • Pinholes in Plumbing
  • Frequent Calls to Plumber

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