Water Softener Systems in Middlesex, NJ

Do away with scale and staining when you turn to Aquatronics Water Conditioning for water softener systems in Middlesex, NJ. Our solutions are an effective remedy for clients looking to treat hard water in their location. Speak with us to discover more about our water treatment services and other options.

Ion Exchange & Water Softeners

The versatilities of iron exchange technologies are extensive and popular. These include water softeners, iron reducing systems, lead reduction systems, nitrate reduction systems, and other solutions.

The sciences behind these technologies are very similar. The ions or charges are collected in the media or in the technology of the water softener systems, the resin bed, like a magnet. Eventually, these collected charges are washed through the system with the brine (salt and water dissolved) then rinsed with fresh water.

In the case with a softener, hard water scale can cause damage by building up in plumbing fixtures, interfering with soaps and detergents, and cause white staining. Also, energy costs will increase in hot water heating systems and dishwashers. Hard water curd will also cause deposits in laundered clothing, which will cause premature fabric wear.

Aquatronics carries many types of water softener systems and other ion exchange systems to remediate all water quality problems. We are an independent, O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer) dealer. We do not sell or lease aftermarket of knockoff equipment. We perform more house closings regarding water quality remediation than anyone and provide a written guarantee for efficient closings.

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