Reverse Osmosis Home Systems in Middlesex, NJ

Ensure the safety of your water when you choose the options from Aquatronics Water Conditioning.  Our reverse osmosis purification systems serve as an efficient way to reduce contaminants in the water supply.  Reach out to us to learn more about the benefits of reverse osmosis purification for your location.

The Five Stages of Reverse Osmosis & Filtration

We can further enhance your reverse osmosis purification system by adding a healthy alkalinity filter.

  • Stage One: Sediment Prefilter – A prefilter sediment cartridge is used to remove dirt and sand particles from the water.
  • Stage Two: Initial Carbon Prefilter – A high-quality carbon prefilter delivers enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color.
  • Stage Three: Secondary Carbon Prefilter – Improved membrane performance is achieved with the use of a secondary carbon prefilter.
  • Stage Four: High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Our systems include the top-rated membrane in the industry. We proudly feature a 50-gallon per day Filmtec™ Membrane.
  • Stage Five: Final Carbon Postfilter – The postfilter found in this system offers a final polishing of processed water as it leaves the storage tank.

Reverse Osmosis Purification

Improve the taste and quality of your water with our reverse osmosis purification systems. This technology offers a cost-effective (cost per gallon) method of reducing most contaminants found in water. By choosing this system for your water treatment services, you will cut down on inorganic, organic contaminants, and salts without relying on electricity for your cooking and drinking water.

Contact us in Middlesex, New Jersey, to discuss your reverse osmosis system options. We feature solutions for clients throughout the region. Give us a call to discuss your water conditioning needs at 732.733.4695.